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“I turned to NYC Art Tours an out-of-town visitor looking to maximize my visit. With only an hour to spend in Chelsea and a general guideline of my interests given to Helene, my friends and I saw the “best of the best” in a fascinating tour of 3 galleries. She not only previewed the galleries for us, she also researched the artists whose work we saw, gave us background information and provided us with an art historical perspective to give us context for our viewing. We even met with one of the artists whose work we visited. Additionally, Helene directed us to a few more venues we could explore on our own. It was time well spent. No matter how much I researched galleries in advance, there’s just no way we could have duplicated this amazing experience on our own. Helene is not only knowledgeable, she’s delightful!” 

- Sharon P., San Francisco, CA

“I recently spent a spring afternoon with Helene of NycArtTours exploring the Upper East Side. As an elementary school teacher, I am always looking for opportunities to inspire my students outside of the classroom. One student in particular, Al, has a strong love of drawing and visual images. Helene designed a tour specifically for us that included visits to two galleries. Both my student and I learned about the function of a gallery, different artists and art styles. Al loved the personalized attention that Helene was able to provide as she answered questions, introduced artists and shared information that was new to both of us. Our tour culminated on the lap of the Hans Christian Andersen statue in Central Park, where we learned about the history of the Park and the sculptures adorning the Zoo. I could not have planned this day on my own- Helene's thoughtfulness and insight allowed both Al & I to share in an incredible day of art.”

-Michelle L., New York, NY

“I went on a tour of the Frick with NYC Art Tours, and had an amazing time. The tour guide is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. 5 stars- I'd recommend the tour for everyone, and look forward to my next tour!”

-Avi O., New York, NY

“I took a tour of the Met and I was amazed by Helene’s knowledge and ease of locating the true gems amongst the Met's vast collection of art.  We covered a variety of art collections that spanned different generations and art styles - - the highlights for me included seeing the Roxy Paine sculpture exhibition on the roof, the new American Wing, the Temple of Dendur, and the Chinese sculpture garden Astor Court.  Helene’s friendly nature and apparent passion and energy for the art also made the experience a particularly pleasurable one.”

-Paul T., Washington, D.C.

“My law firm’s Chelsea art gallery tour was very successful because of Helene Lowenfels.  Helene was not only extremely knowledgeable about her subject matter, but she was also able to import her knowledge in a very organized manner in the limited time available to her. Her love and enthusiasm for her subject matter was evident by the well thought out handouts she gave everyone to take away.  She was able to answer all questions put to her in a clear and concise manner.  If one was not an art lover when he or she started the tour, one could not help but be one at the end of it.  I have been a partner in my law firm for more than 30 years and I have to say that this summer excursion without a doubt was one of the best outings we have made available to summer law clerks and associates. Hats off to Helene. I would unequivocally recommend her to anyone.”

-Norman Z., Cooper & Dunham LLP, New York, NY

[ The following is an email to employees of Brandeis University’s Alumni Office ]

“Hi colleagues. Attached is the list of 28 people lucky enough to attend the Alumni Club of NYC's Chelsea Gallery Tour tomorrow, October 20th. The tour of contemporary art in three galleries, followed by a walk along the High Line, is being led by Helene Lowenfels '05. There were over 100 alums and friends who wanted to attend, but space is very limited due to the size of the galleries and we will try to have  a similar event in the future to accommodate this  interest.

Best, Shira

- Shira O., Class of  '79 Director of Alumni and University Relations, Brandeis House”

“Dear Helene, Thank you for the friendly and knowledge-filled tour this past Saturday (10/20/10).  I came away very excited by Dan Colen' s Poetry series and much more respectful of Roy Lichenstein, at whose work I had never before looked closely or thoughtfully.   (It had to very time-consuming and well-planned--none of this slap-dash stuff for him!  ) 

Best,  Risa

  1. -Risa E.,  Class of 1955, New York, NY

“Helene's tour was outstanding! I enjoyed every minute - the hour went by very quickly and I learned a lot. She selected two very different kinds of art, painting and sculpture, so we were educated about a range. Helene's descriptions of each piece were insightful, interesting and very informative.  She provided useful biographical information about the artist and made excellent comparisons to other artists throughout history. The handouts she gave us were very helpful - we were able to see direct influences from other artists. I can't wait to schedule my next tour. I would highly recommend NYC Art Tours!”

  1. -Erica P., New York, NY

“NYC Art Tours was a wonderful experience. Not only did I learn about several  artists at the gallery but also how their art work compared to other artists in history. We spent time to appreciate art by ourselves and exchange ideas with Helene and the rest of the group. I would definitely do it again!”

  1. -Rosana C., New York, NY

“As always, you are a delight.  Your knowledge and enthusiasm for art is wonderful.  I am getting great feedback from everyone that attended.  Again, thanks.”

  1. -HR coordinator at  Cooper & Dunham LLP, New York, NY

“Helene - Thank you. The tour was a delight and your selection of galleries, pictures and remarks made for a wonderful afternoon!”

  1. -Micky J., New York, NY

“In a time when everything seems branded and franchised, Helene Lowenfels' art tours in New York City are refreshingly genuine. She took us on a guided walk through lesser-known galleries featuring up-and-coming artists. She opened our eyes to new artists, and contextualized their work within the larger scope of art history. And she gave responses to the works that were personal, not textbook. Helene loves sharing art, and her enthusiasm makes the tour a great adventure. We cannot recommend NYC Art Tours enough.”

  1. -Phillip H and Lisa J.,Westchester, NY

"Helene's thorough preparation for our visit to several Upper East Side art venues, along with her extensive knowledge of art history, made for an extremely interesting and informative tour.  She's very passionate about art and readily shares her enthusiasm. We're looking forward to touring another area of the city with her soon!"

- Bob and Gail R., New York, NY